Our Stethoscopes

Single Stethoscope

Your choice of one head and one tubing.

The classic Ren-Lor Stethoscope design features a single set of tubing and a lightweight head in glass-like acrylic. The base of the head is finished in your school color or the color of your choice, which is magnified by the acrylic dome.

The Ren-Lor Single... $94.95

Duo Stethoscope

The Duo stethoscope comes with your choice of two heads and is perfect for examining patients in two weight categories without changing scopes. Just choose two heads in different sizes (e.g. adult and pediatric). You can switch between heads in seconds, and only carry one stethoscope with you wherever you go.

The Ren-Lor Duo... $142.95

Trio Stethoscope

Three heads for patients in three weight categories.

The Trio stethoscope comes with three interchangeable heads and will accommodate patients in ALL weight categories: adult, pediatric, and neonatal. The trio is perfect for working in a mixed practice or learning how to care for a wide range of species. Choose a color and a design for each of three head sizes – and you’ll be ready for any patient!

The Ren-Lor Trio... $185.95

Teaching Stethoscope

Dual ear-pieces for student and teacher environments. 

The Teaching stethoscope features two sets of tubing attached to a single head, allowing two people to listen simultaneously. It is a great tool for the classroom as well as in a clinic environment. The Teaching scope is available in any of our three head sizes: adult, pediatric, or neonatal.

The Ren-Lor Teaching... $120.95

Tubing Colors

Head Sizes

Adult: Recommended for weights over 90 lbs (40 kg). Diaphragm is 1.75” (45 mm) in diameter.

Pediatric: Recommended for weights from 5 lbs (2 kg) to 90 lbs (40 kg). Diaphragm is 1.38” (37 mm) in diameter.

Neonatal: Recommended for weights up to 5 lbs (2 kg). Diaphragm is 0.75” (20 mm) in diameter. Available in solid colors.