Warranty & Returns




The RenLor Scope comes with a lifetime warranty which includes all damaged or worn-out parts. As your purchase is on file with us, you do not need to send in a warranty card.


Taking care of your stethoscope


In order to keep your stethoscope in excellent working condition, we recommend cleaning it with either soap and water or an alcohol disinfectant containing 60-70% alcohol. Sanitizers such as Purell are effective cleaning agents for your stethoscope.


Normal wear may loosen the diaphragm, retaining ring or eartips. Check your stethoscope before use to ensure all parts are secure.


Proper Use Instructions


When putting in binaurals (ear pieces), check to make sure they point forward towards your nose and not backward towards the back of your head. Be sure binaurals fit securely in the ear canal pening.


Ren-Lor's pressure sensitive diaphragm transmits both heart sounds and lung sounds without the use of a bell. For heart sounds use very light pressure and lung sounds use moderate to firm pressure.


Return Policy


If you are not totally satisfied with our product, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund. Personalized and/or customized stethoscopes are not returnable.