Is your lightweight stethoscope tough enough for your job?


Not all stethoscopes can handle a harsh working environment. The Ren-Lor Stethoscope can! The acrylic that makes it lightweight is also very durable and can handle being tossed around.  We recently had an EMT tell us that he forgot his Ren-Lor stethoscope on the street until after he ran the ambulance over it! When he retrieved it he was surprised that it didn’t break and it still worked great! And if something were to happen we have a lifetime warranty on our stethoscopes!


A stethoscope as distinctive as you are.


The high quality and durability of our stethoscopes are just some of the reasons for their popularity.  Ren-Lor stethoscopes also look as great as they sound.  The polished acrylic heads come in your choice of background colors and can be laser-printed with a wide variety of medical symbols and themed designs.


We have a Hassle-Free Warranty


At Ren-Lor, we stand behind our products with a full lifetime warranty – no need to fill out warranty cards or ship damaged products to us.  If any part of your stethoscope is damaged or worn out, we will send a replacement free of charge – anywhere in the world!