At Ren-Lor Medical we understand the high cost of education can be overwhelming for students. That is why we offer a special discount for students who need to have a stethoscope for their classes. Best of all, your discount applies to both our hand painted stethoscopes and our laser design series!


Not sure which type of head size to get?


If you are a student in the medical, nursing, or veterinary field, your choice of stethoscope depends on the patients you plan to see. Patients fall into 3 weight categories: neonatal (under 5 lbs.), pediatric (5 lbs. to 90 lbs.) and adult (over 90 lbs.). For students planning to work with children, we recommend the neonatal or pediatric head – or a combination of the two in the form of a Duo stethoscope. For those planning to work with adults, we recommend the adult head. If you are not sure, or plan to work with patients of multiple sizes, choose our most versatile product: the Trio, which comes with 3 interchangeable heads – one in each size.


If you are entering the veterinary field, consider the types of animals you will be treating. We recommend the neonatal size for exotic and avian patients as well as for newborn canines and felines. For small animals, consider getting a Duo with one neonatal head and one pediatric head, which will accommodate most cats and dogs. If you plan to see large animals or work in a mixed practice – or if you are still deciding – the Trio is perfect for patients of any size. It comes with 3 heads: one adult, one pediatric, and one neonatal.


Why choose a Ren-Lor Stethoscope?


We have a Hassle-Free Warranty.


At Ren-Lor, we stand behind our products with a full lifetime warranty – no need to fill out warranty cards or ship damaged products to us. If any part of your stethoscope is damaged or worn out, we will send a replacement free of charge – anywhere in the world!


Our stethoscopes are known for hearing through thick clothes or fur.


The Ren-Lor stethoscope is well known for hearing through thick clothes, perfect for when you need to assess an accident victim quickly. It can also hear through all types of thick fur which is ideal when your patient is a Great Pyrenees or Chow Chow.


Our stethoscope is durable.


Since our stethoscopes are made out of acrylic they can take a lot of hits and still work as good as the first day you received it.


Our stethoscopes can have lasered logos.


We have a wide selection of lasered school logos that you can choose from. Give our University Sales Manager a call at (877) 431-4984 to see if we have your school.


To receive your student discount please give us a call at (877) 431-4984 to order your stethoscope today!