How do I use a Ren-Lor stethoscope to hear heart and lung sounds?


The Ren-Lor stethoscope features a pressure-sensitive diaphragm that transmits both heart and lung sounds through the same surface.  Unlike a conventional stethoscope, Ren-Lor does not need to be flipped or turned to switch between listening to the heart and the lungs.  Simply apply light pressure to hear heart sounds and firmer pressure to hear lung sounds.



How does the sound quality compare with other stethoscopes?


Ren-Lor’s sound quality is better than the leading brand, especially in challenging situations!  Our stethoscopes are great at transmitting sound through thick layers, such as clothing on people or fur on animals.  That is why the Ren-Lor brand is popular with emergency personnel for fast triage in the field.  The secret to Ren-Lor’s great sound is the pressure-sensitive diaphragm, which can capture both lung sounds and heart sounds with one surface.



How much does a Ren-Lor stethoscope weigh?


The Ren-Lor stethoscope is exceptionally lightweight, at only 8oz.  But don’t let the weight fool you – our stethoscopes are virtually indestructible!



How long is the tubing?


The standard Ren-Lor tubing is 28”, but it can be extended for specialty uses.



I want to promote my company, hospital, or school by using stethoscopes with our logo.  Can Ren-Lor stethoscopes be customized with my logo?


Yes, our laser-printing process can perfectly reproduce any logo.  Just email us a black-and-white copy in one of three electronic formats: .PDF, .EPS, or .AI.  We will laser-print the logo in a neutral color on a background of your choice.  There is no setup charge and no minimum to order!



I can’t hear anything.


You may have put your ear-pieces in backwards.  When wearing a Ren-Lor stethoscope, the ear-pieces should point forward towards your nose and not backward towards the back of your head.



Can I buy multiple head designs for my Ren-Lor?


Many of our customers enjoy having several interchangeable heads to accommodate patients in different weight categories, or change head designs to suit different moods and occasions.  To order multiple heads, select the Duo (2 heads) or Trio (3 heads).  Each one comes with an adapter that allows you to switch heads quickly and easily.



How do I order a Ren-Lor stethoscope?


You can order Ren-Lor on our website (www.renlor.com), by email (customerservice@renlor.com), or by phone (888-240-9956).  We welcome orders of any size!  If you are thinking about placing a large order, ask us about volume discounts.



Do you ship outside the U.S.?


Yes, we ship anywhere in the world!  However, Ren-Lor cannot take responsibility for orders held up in customs.  When placing an international order, please let us know what customs requirements exist in your country so that we can include the proper paperwork.  Shipping costs may vary depending on country of destination.



How long will it take to get my order?


U.S. orders take 7-14 business days; international orders take 14 days or longer, depending on customs regulations in your country.



The color of my Ren-Lor head does not look like the picture.


All Ren-Lor stethoscopes are hand-painted to create unique pieces.  Slight variations in color or design are part of the process for this hand-made product. 



What is the best way to clean a RenLor stethoscope?


We recommend using sanitizing products with a high concentration of ethyl alcohol – normally 62 - 70% alcohol.  You can use a waterless hand sanitizer (such as Purell) or an over-the-counter rubbing alcohol solution.




Can I return my Ren-Lor stethoscope for any reason?


If you are not completely satisfied with your stethoscope for any reason, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.  However, personalized stethoscopes (ones that have your name or initials) cannot be returned or exchanged.



What should I do if my Ren-Lor stethoscope breaks?


All Ren-Lor stethoscopes are covered by a full lifetime warranty.  If anything goes wrong with your stethoscope, regardless of the reason, just email us at customerservice@renlor.com or call us at (888) 240-9956.  We will send a replacement right away at no cost to you!



What does the warranty cover?


The lifetime warranty covers the entire scope – the tubing, the earpieces, and the head.  If any part is damaged or worn out, we will send a replacement with a small free to cover shipping and handling.