Are you a college or university that wants its medical students to carry a stethoscope and would like to spread your school pride? Ren-Lor Medical can put your school logo on our stethoscope! Imagine the school pride your students will have as they use their laser logo stethoscope on patients. What a great way for students to remember their alma mater!


You can also use these stethoscopes to promote your school by:


  • Welcoming New Students.
  • Recruiting Prospective Students.
  • Building Loyalty to your School.
  • Fund-Raising among Alumni.
  • Thanking Donors.
  • Honoring Distinguished Faculty and Visitors.
  • Rewarding Student Achievement.


Hassle-free Warranty


At Ren-Lor, we stand behind our products with a full lifetime warranty – no need to fill out warranty cards or ship damaged products to us. If any part of your stethoscope is damaged or worn out, we will send a replacement free of charge – anywhere in the world!