Warranty Registration



All Ren-Lor stethoscopes are covered by a full lifetime warranty.  The lifetime warranty covers the entire stethoscope – the tubing, the earpieces, and the head.  If any part is damaged or worn out, we will send a replacement free of charge.


What should I do if my Ren-Lor stethoscope breaks?

If anything goes wrong with your stethoscope, regardless of the reason, just email us at customerservice@renlor.com or call us at (888) 240-9956.  We will send a replacement right away with a small fee to cover shipping and handling.



Register your warranty


If you ordered your stethoscope in 2009 or later, your warranty information is already on file with us.  You don’t need to do anything!  If you ordered before 2009, register your warranty below to make sure you’re covered.