The Ren-Lor Trio Stethoscope





Do you have patients in all weight categories and hate having to carry so many stethoscopes? The Trio stethoscope is perfect for you!


The Trio comes with one tubing unit and three heads of your choice. To change the head just twist the head off and twist on the new head. It’s that simple and easy!


With over 100 designs to choose from you can build one just for you! Our stethoscopes come with a 28" latex-free tubing that has soft comfortable screw-on earpieces so your ears won’t hurt at the end of a long day. The chestpiece is made from an extremely durable acrylic that makes the stethoscope very lightweight (4 ½ oz) and virtually indestructible.


Plus our Lifetime Warranty can’t be beat!


All our stethoscopes carry a full lifetime warranty! If any part of your stethoscope is damaged or worn out, we will send a replacement free of charge – anywhere in the world! So you can purchase your stethoscope with confidence.